Nancy Bird (Nancy Bird-Soto) was born in 1975 in Santurce, Puerto Rico and has lived in the Midwest since 1995. She received her PhD in Hispanic Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006. She has published the academic books: Sara la obrera y otros cuentos: El repertorio femenino de Ana Roqué and Escritoras puertorriqueñas de la transición del siglo XIX al XX: Carmela Eulate Sanjurjo, Ana Roqué y Luisa Capetillo with The Edwin Mellen Press in 2009; as well as the critical edition, Los hipócritas de Franca de Armiño with Editorial Tiempo Nuevo in 2013.

Aries Point o el viaje de Pleione is her first novel in Spanish and it was published by Editorial Isla Negra (Santo Domingo & San Juan) in 2016.

Sobre la tela de una araña is a short-story collection. Its new print edition features three new stories and is available through Librería Isla/Editorial Tiempo Nuevo.

Her book of memories about her years in Minneapolis, Put Together: A Minne-Memoir, was published in 2014 by New York’s Editorial Trance.

Nancy is guest columnist for Revista Cruce. She has presented at conference in various cities such as: Lima, Cartagena, Quito, Santo Domingo, La Habana, Long Beach, Houston, San Antonio, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toronto, Arecibo, Cayey, Mayagüez y San Juan.

She loves cats, long hikes, and non-mainstream music.